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An old friend's thought

Beáta Molnar's name, is a guarantee for your success.My old friend, who moved to the eternal hunting-field for a long time now, one time answer to my suggestion to go to hunt together abroad:

"What do you want? Here - he thought of Bavaria and Austria mainly Berchtesgaden, where women are so nice (he was an expert of it), the wine is very delicious (maybe he referred to Danube-valley wines) and roe-bucks are excellent -it is absolutely needless to go abroad to hunt!"

It was easy to him - as a successful doctor - to go to the best hunting-fields and rich roe-trophy collection could be seen in his villa. Why should he have to travel away if all of good things were around him?

Maybe he should false his proper principle if he had gone a round in Hungary and would discover the unique natural landscape of Pannonia with its hunting possibility.

If he had known Beáta Molnár , the lovely and correct business-women, then he could have discovered what does the real woman-grace mean in Hungary. I know her for a long time. I took part on many unforgettable hunting-adventures in Hungary with her help.

She can seduce everybody with his vitality character and with special ability of resolving all of the problem.  Hunting with her in this country besides the Danube, was a solemnity for me. If casual somebody from her team was displeased that surely didn't depend on Beata Molnar or her husband, Tivadar Gabor but their consigners or chances which used to be together with hunting all over the world..

It was a natural succeed, that Mrs. Beáta Molnár with her husband have founded their own Hunting Ltd., with her name, because of her experience from hunting-tourism. Recently, she must take care of her family - her husband and their 7 years old baby-girl - more. But her contact with hunting is unbroken her agility, assiduity, experience and the connection to the best Hungarian hunting districts are the guarantees that this lovely business-woman will be successful even in the future.


"Small, but giant" with this motto will the new Hunting Ltd. organize unforgettable experience and adventure for many hunter from all the world. We are sure, that more and more new friends will join to the old ones .

Mr. Günter R. Daghofer, hunter and writer, who had been hunting in Hungary since 40 years.